Hi, I'm Ragini Bharadwaj.

I'm currently a UX Designer at Liveperson, where I’m building enterprise software for customer support through Email, Social, and Voice channels.

On the side, I am also a design consultant and I help entrepreneurs from around the world go from idea to Minimum Viable Product and raise capital 🤩. I work independently and am often involved in various aspects of a project ranging from design to product management, content creation and social media.

Over the last seven years, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredible people on various projects at Liveperson, Digit88, Pocketale, Metalyfe, ByHours, We Are Water Foundation, BookMyShow, and other startups. 💪🏽

I have formal education in Design and Management, but it is my never-ending curiosity that pushes me to learn new skills constantly.

I love travelling and recording my journeys on my 360° camera. Find me on Google Photos. I am unifying my blog and collection of resources at designbeyond.co but you can currently find me writing on Medium.

I'm always open to discussing new projects. You can reach me via email or schedule a 1:1 with me at Superpeer.

I am currently 👩 💻 working remotely out of 📍Navi Mumbai